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>> shepard: the young pakistani girl today return to their classroom for the first time since the taliban shot her in the head for promoting education. today she started school in england where her family relocated. she says while he misses her friends in pakistan, she is looking forward to meeting her new teachers. the taliban vowed to finish the job if she ever returns to pakistan. earlier this week she was nominated for the nobel peace prize. >> then, there's this. before we wrap things up. a long list of mistakes made by an accused counterfeiter.
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the first problem was trying to return a printer. not so bad except the guy tried to do it without a receipt or proof of purchase, and when the employee checked the pointer employees discovered, mistake two, he left a sheet of bills in there. and then he refused to leave the store. mistake number three. the employees called the cop and the guy made mistake number four, resisting arrest. finally the police did arrest and search the guy and found mistake number five, he was carrying three more counter get 100 $bills. a genius. >> we just got wore on the "associated press" right during the commercial break, the statue of liberty was shut down in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. we just got ward the statue will re-open in time for july 4th july 4th celebrations. lady liberty back open to the public, at least by the 4th of
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july. as the final bell rings on wall street, ends on an up note. neil cavuto will have the final numbers. see you tonight on fox report. >> neil: don't say the doctor didn't warn you. now the man who singed the president to his face. dr. ben carson warn you. tonight, the fast and furious reaction in washington one of the healthcare laws very principal architects al but admitting it. >> i think we know at it going be messy. things will come up that are unanticipated. >> neil: you think it created a fire storm, you should see what happened when the g.o.p. piles on jeff.
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[sirens] >> neil: nurse, nurse, paddle. stat. this healthcare thing, fading fast? >> neil: welcome, glad to have you. i'm neil could suit few. ten months before the president's healthcare law kicks in, here's what happens when one of its chief architects messes up. congress just blows up. >> i think they loaded all the sweeteners before the election, now all the real work is being done after it. and they did leave -- didn't leave themselves enough time. >> neil: he is not alone. mitch mcconnell telling us moments ago, i quote, messy bill that they didn't read and nearly 20,000 pages of new regulations leading to a messy result. florida senator marco rubio saying, as the ramifications apply, we're going to see how truly messy and disastrous this program will be for americans. so what's really up, doc?
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let's ask dr. ben carson, who warned this could be a mess, and apparently, doctor, very big mess, even in the eyes of the architects who are now feeling it. what do you make of it? >> well, you know, the fact of the matter is, it's the principle here. the principle is that the government has come in trying to take over one-sixth of the economy in order to be able to gain control of our lives, and of course it's going to be a mess. what does the government do that is good when it starts interfering with our lives? there are functions for the government. they need to remember what those things are and leave the rest of us alone. >> neil: what they discovered, as you warned -- this is prior to your prayer breakfast meet and greet with the president -- that all of a sudden the goodies would be showcased up front.
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the problems would be later. the goodies were fewer, the problems many more, and the cost of this potentially much, much hire than the thought. how is all of this rolling out now? >> well, of course the reason that it was done in secret, rather than in a transparent manner in which it was supposed to have been done, is because there are so many bad parts of it. there's so many obligations so many new taxes associated with it. it's incredibly expense simple. it was supposed to lower the cost. it has raised the cost of the premiums for average family, and in the neighborhood of $5,000. this is a disaster. and the real question is, will anybody have the honesty to own up to the fact this is a disaster and saying can we start over again and do this in a reasonable way and get the voices of people who actually know something about how to save money involved?
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everybody agrees that healthcare reform is necessary. but it needs to be done the right way. neil neil do you think it's too late for that? that this sort of medical ship has sailed and despite all the problems, i don't see the administration trying to draw it back. paul ryan wants to rescind the whole healthcare program and start fresh, but that's unlikely. so given that distinct possibility, what are we left with? >> well, i'm not as pessimistic as you are. i think there is just a slight chance that maybe some people who have pushed this thing forward, can stop for a moment and instead of thinking about themselves and their own political agenda and their own political future, think about the good of the people and the good of america. i think there's still that slight possibility. it doesn't seem great, i admit, but it's possible, and it's something we should work toward. assuming that doesn't occur, we need be looking at all the legal
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possibilities that exist in order to save us from this financial disaster, which is pouring fuel on the fire which is the incredible debt that continues to pile up day-by-day, which some people don't think is even a problem. >> neil: you were one of the first in the medical community to say these are enter linked. that got you invited to cpac, where you quickly became one of the stars of the show. particularly when you were talking about this. i want you to expound on this. >> say you magically put me into the white house, and -- [cheering] >> neil: i think they liked that idea. at first when i joked with you about it last time you were here, maybe twice before when
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you were here, you kind of pooh-poohed it. but did any of those applause, did any of the people urging you to run, that you have the cachet, given your background and dissting performance to make a credible run and do you think you could or would? >> do i think i could? absolutely. i think there's a lot of people in america who could. the notion that you have to be steeped in politics in order to do something like that is absolutely absurd. what you need is wisdom and the ability to make good decisions based on facts as they are presented. and i just laugh at the people who say, oh, no, no, you have to be a congressman, a senator. if that were the case, then all of these people who made this big mess would november heat made a big mess. >> neil: that's a very good point. dr. carson, good seeing you again. at the thank you very much.
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>> thank you. always a pressure. >> neil: he makes too much sense. any wonder the chamber of commerce is demanding a delay on the whole healthcare law, at least implementing its fiber features. wants the irs to collect something called the employer mandate for at least one year. that's the part that requires large employers to provide health insurance or pay a fee. it could be a big thing. the man debt alone expected to cost u.s. businesses more than $100 million over the next decade. the former ceo jack welch said that's going to cost job. >> neil: what do you make of even the chief architect coming back and saying, all right, well, gotcha. >> involved in the number of regulation, which nobody knew were coming, exactly what they were, are now raining down on the business community and they're causing some angina. but this.
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>> neil: this is more than an giant na. youing argue that businesses tht have to spent that, don't spend on other things. >> right. there are all kinds of losses. the temporary worker law is impossible, going from 35 hours to 30. people have to make the tradeoff, do they have 29 hours, temporary employees, and then take the money away from employees that have been there as temporary workers for that long? they don't want to give up their salary. and all these different little rules. i saw for the first time a company today in a meeting that was happy about it, the obamacare. it runs emergency rooms. and they think they're going to have enormous growth because the massachusetts law that went in when romney was there took emergency room business through the roof. and as people were forced to go to -- there weren't enough doctors and they're forced to
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emergency rooms. >> ironically that the one thing this is supposed to avoid, so people who don't have coverage and go to emergency rooms, actually -- >> fill them up. >> neil: what's it going to do to the quality of care. when you were running ge you were very big at make sure your employees had a very -- i used to work for it, very generous plan. what now? >> simple arithmetic. we aren't going to make that many more doctors and we're pumping 30 to 40 million more people into the system, something has to give. they're going to have to do a lot more home care. a lot more clinical work outside the hospital. it's going to be a problem. but in the other hand, we'll cope with it in some way. >> neil: is it realistic for folks like dr. ben carson or paul ryan to talk about junking the healthcare law all together? i think that's tough. >> i think that's a bad tactic. hopefully we'll get some smart
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modifications to it. we're not going to junk the president's signature bill? it's silly to -- neil neal modifications would be touch touchdowns on the titanic. >> it's a tough deal, but the chamber has an idea of delaying it while people get used to the things they have to do. if we get regulators that don't end up impugntive about everything to try to help people through the process, because it's so complicated, how many hours worked, how many temporary employees do you have, is? that,. >> neil: and if you're in violation, glory big problem. >> it's a fine. >> neil: do you mind if i switch gears? i haven't talk to you about the rally. the administration turns around and says that's the government spending, the market doubled. we're off to the races because we got off spending and investing in this economy. what do you think?
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>> the market -- they can thank the fed, bless bebernanke every night before they go to bed, and they've gotten themselves a market that is way ahead of the economy. way ahead of the economy. the economy is not doing badly. >> neil: what is behind the companies spending all this cash in apple's case, hiking its dividend, and everything else? they're doing something didn't used to do. are you encouraged by that? look can how they're spending that? >> well, hiking the dividends, increasing the buybacks don't increase competitiveness. so if you don't get demand in this economy, don't get growth this, whole idea about jobs -- we have this conversation all the time. people talking about, let's have more job. why aren't people hiring? because we don't have the demand, and we've got to create a society that looks at growing the pie, making the pie bigger, getting gdp up to 3-1/2 to 4%,
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and letting everybody benefit from the growth. that what we're after. >> neil: you were back running ge and you vastly expanded that empire -- you would not be inclined to expand plant equipment, maybe if you had a cash to work with you would you do the stuff apple is doing, the kind of stuff comcast is doing, and finishing all the rest of the deal. that kind of stuff. >> i would be out in acquisitions, and if we got some economy growth, i'd be out investing. >> neil: but you see little reason to invest in this environment? >> we have to have a regulatory environment that supports growth. >> neil: you don't think it does. >> absolutely not. i think is suppresses growth and we should be putting all these regs -- look at north dakota on private land. 3%. they're growing like crazy,
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creating jobs everywhere. three new high schools being built in bismarck. all kinds of things being built in the dakotas. new hospitals, because employment is booming, housing is going up as fast as it can. that's what you get from opening up the world. we have had some of that boom in northern new york. if we could get new york to approve frack. >> neil: they won't. you're a modest guy but one of the most requested corporate voices in the speaker circuit, and at love 0 ceos seek you out for advice. i don't want you to betray secrets but when they seek your counsel, what are they generally needing help on? what are they telling you they needure guidance on? >> generally i'm involved in a lot of organizational structure.
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people, processes, acquisitions. i'm not involved in policy discussions with government. >> neil: i think you are but you're not saying. >> not at all. >> neil: okay. >> i think this economy, with this free money, is going to grow at 2-1/2 to 3% in the first quarter. neil take the free money away? >> we don't know what's going to happen. >> neil: very good point. jack, good to see you. >> fun to see you. >> to the government dash for cash. the anymore cyprus are not out of the woods and neither are we. 
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
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let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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[ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. >> neil: the voting, lawmakers in cyprus shooting down the plan to raid peoples' bank accounts
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after reactions like these in the streets. the people in the country may have dodged a bullet for now but melissa frances says they're not that lucky and knee are we. mel lisa, it's true. we think just because this is a done issue for them, it's not a done issue. >> absolutely not a done issue. they haven't resolved what they're going to do now. they still have to come up with 10 or $17 billion, and all they've said is we're not going to raid people's bank accounts, which is good because the economy is built on the financial system where 40% of deposits come from outside of the country. the developments are eight times their gdp. they would destroy their economy. but i'm not sure it's not destroyed. now the russians may come in and trade propping up the banking system for the natural gas rights of the island, but if --
1:21 pm
europe is a mess and there's no way that doesn't affect us. >> neil: what i worry about, the banks are going to re-open. >> they're can only put it off for so long. >> neil: if you're a citizen there, and you're worried, they tried to take my money, aren't you going to want to take your money out? >> absolutely and it's being felt around the world. money managers are getting questions about, should i be pulling my money out hoff caymans. the swiss are considering the opposite problem, if they havele all this money do they have to start charging people for leaving their money there? this is creating a big destabilization for the entire world's economy, and i think this is one we're going to look back and say, it all started when they talked about seizing those deposits in cyprus. this is a big deal. >> neil: this was an asset tax. something to which we're not immune here because with the
1:22 pm
healthcare law, there's the medicare hsu tax on selling real estate and x amount. so we already have that built in. so the -- i'm not saying the next stop is the depositor tox but we do have asset tax. >> absolutely there has been talk about the consumer financial protection bureau taking control and oversight of 401k accounts so they can make sure people aren't being ripped off. if you undermine the whole idea of savings, we already have a nationy we're not saving enough for retirement. all we need to do is undermine our financial system as well and it's just disaster on the way. >> neil: i'm not happy. if you don't watch fox business, she's going to come with her best-selling book and force you to read it. >> a fox news alert. the white house easter egg roll is not at risk. why there is an excess warning we're all about to get scrambled
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well, new budget, new spending. you're right, new spending, more spending. house democrats unveiling another $200 million worth of spending. what they're calling stimulus. but is that really any surprise? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. >> i want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem.
1:27 pm
i'm not sure we have a spending problem. >> it's almost a false arguement to say we have a spending argue. >> neil: we have a spending problem! look at that number. $16.7 trillion. you do not have to be von braun to find out this market is going to nowhere. kate, what the hell is this all about? we don't have a spending problem? >> right, it was unpatriotic four years ago when obama was running for president dirt was unconscionable what bush had done but enough it's fine and we don't have a problem. this democratic budget presented by the house is a joke. the thought of increasing stimulus spending 2.200 billion. solyndra wasn't have no. the -- it is this government's notion that we want to constrain economic growth by continuing to grow the size and scope of the federal government.
1:28 pm
this would not even balance the budget until something like 2045, and even then wouldn't do it in ten years we would be spending 70% of gdp on public debt. >> neil: i'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to people who can't understand money. money in and my out. that's fine. and we don't have a great spending problem. so, status quo. but we're adding more spending. we're looking at $200 million more among house democrats, $100 million among senate democrats, as if this problem doesn't exist. then we're saying, clearly emboldened by leadership to say, balancing the budget in ten years, it's not the end all be all. >> here's where we might part company. i don't see where republicans doing anything to stop that when you have john baner and paul ryan saying the debt isn't an immediate crisis.
1:29 pm
doesn't that provide the asylum for these guys to run free in? >> we do not disagree. i have been the first to jump out and say the house republic runs and the senate republicans are not doing enough. look, this budget by the democrats would increase taxes by $1.2 trillion. this is an opportunity for house republicans to say, no way. not only is it increasing spending but it's also increasing taxes. i thought the increased taxes would maybe go to taking care of some of the deficit. no. it's simply going to continually expanding the size and scope of dot government, and those taxes are on families, just like obamacare is placing taxes on family. you do not hear the republican leadership saying we're the defenders of the american family, of businesses. we want to unleash this economy so that it will absolutely grow. by the way, about that easter egg hunt. why, if they're going to haste do they even put it on the tickets they were threatening to stall the whole thing?
1:30 pm
that would be the first time in the history of the easter egg roll that it would have been cancelled for politics. the only other time it's been cancelled, it's for war. it's a stunning thing but all too justify this administration's temper tantrum over wanting to have a complete free rein to spend as much as they want. >> neil: eggs actually. they don't know. i'm done. i'm done. thank you very much. this will be our lead issue tonight. why this guy who did this dance is really wigging out right now. david walker, like you've never seen him before. why he is going to let it rip tonight. getting older but your savings not getting any bigger. you're not alone. not that ooh be any reassurance. are you ready for retirement? and apple is sitting on a barrel of cash but it's what the company wants to do with the cash that has -- well, actually,
1:31 pm
a lot of the politicians that kate was talking about, worried. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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>> neil: all right. give rand a hand. you can add rand paul to the
1:35 pm
list. >> immigration will not occur until conservative republicans, like myself, become part of the solution. that's why i'm here today to begin that conversation and to be part of the solution. [applause] >> neil: the republican senator -- all the proof you need this guy is running for president. the senator will be joining us tomorrow, and how he has quickly become the party's latest sensation. young and restless or just about cashless. new numbers showing american workers are not stashing enough money away to retire and most of them know it. only 13% believe they're going to have enough to afford retirement. personal finances whiz and author of you're broke becauseow want to be, larry. larry, i guess they say the first part of dealing with a problem is recognizing the problem. they recognize the problem. now what? >> well, this can't be a surprise. they know have been living too
1:36 pm
lavish a lifestyle and a lot of them have been tapping into their retirement account. so that's where you start. check your lifestyle. do you really need all of this channels? you and i know, once you have fox news and fox business that's all you need. so look hardty way you spend your money. the average person spends $2,000 a year eating out. a family of four that's eight grand. that a lot of money you can use in different ways. the way you spend on your insurance, raise your deductibles? look at the time your lifestyle and differentiate between need to have, want to have, and can't live without. focus on the can't live without. >> neil: you are also a big believer, like dave ramsey, keep track of what you're spending, and the best way is when you spend using cash, why is that so important? >> well, cash and -- david and i agree completely on this. cash is so easy to keep track of
1:37 pm
because when you run out of cash, you have to stop spending. if you're using plastic you can slide right past zero and at it just too easy to do when you're using plastic. i followed a woman the other day in line at the airport buying a candy bar, and she bought a candy bar using a credit card and it 'twas declined. in examination serration she looked at me and said, now, what am i supposed to do i said, lady, you don't have a dollar for a candy bar? she didn't knee that candy bar name it's about change your my what is -- >> neil: okay, okay. is that you behind me at sin bon at the airport? >> that was me. >> another thing you say, whatever debt you have, focus on it, pay it off. what do you mean? >> absolutely. start with any credit card debt. all the high interest. then look at your car, your house and just get out of debt, and that's where you need to become a hoarder of cash. make it a game with yourself but
1:38 pm
whatever you do, start saving as much cash as you possibly can so you'll have money when you get older. and you need to start early. i can tell you from personal experience you can blink your eye and you're 60 years old, and when you look around and say where did the last 30 years snag if yaw haven't saved enough money, you're 60 years old and know you're going to have to work until the day die, and that is sad. don't put yourself na that position, get control of your life, pay off your debt and start saving money today. >> neil: what did you make of the argue. -- argument that we don't have a spending problem, that even though we take in a trillion dollars less than we're spending out, that that's not a problem. >> it sure seems like a problem to me. i think it's laughable. if that were a family i was talking to, and i talked to a lot of family inside the same position as the government. it doesn't make sense to spend more money than you're taking
1:39 pm
in, and we're not taking in as much money as we spend. that just dumb. and can't justify that. >> well put. well put. larry, great seeing you again. >> good to see you. >> neil: when we return, one big, big company, 170 billion ropes why you might want to start worry about the future of the economy because what that one big company is doing with a big stash of cash. then, why it's raising a red flag for one business titan. the founder of home depot on what a company called apple is up to.
1:40 pm
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od. helping the world keep promises. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> neil: senator, i'm here to tell you, despite what you're saying on the floor of the senate, it's not just fox news.
1:43 pm
we are spending more than we're taking in by the amount of a trillion dollars a year. now, you may not call that making our deficit worse. but what the heck are you talking about? i love you to death, senator, but at it basic math. this isn't a right or left, fox news or whatever. at it basic math. we're taking in gob loads of money and we're still spending more than that. so your alternative to that is -- well, we've got to take in more money. we have to tax more, because this is something that is in fox news' imagination. these aren't imaginary numbers, senator. these are very real numbers. so you can choose -- i don't know. i'm sorry. bernie, help me out. founder home depot. we talk about this before. not right or left, republican or democratic. it's as as asinine to look at
1:44 pm
the map and it's -- >> it's nuts. these politicians obviously have no clue as to what is right and wrong. it's party line, and, therefore, they have to sell the party line, and they're not going to worry about future generations. >> neil: bernie, you can figure out, doesn't mean there's still not trouble around you. what i'm worried about is when they all deny that spending is an issue, and that this debt thing isn't an immediate crisis, and they merrily go on in the case of the house, spending 200 mental more, the senate -- going off on as we walk off a cliff. what the heck? >> what worries me is that the american people evidently are buying this, and when they say fox news, this is a program. this is a program to get the american people to think that the conservatives are against
1:45 pm
them, that the conservatives don't know what they're talking about, and whether you like or not. i think they may be successful. when "the new york times" and nbc and cbs and all those -- >> neil: your opinions are well taken but there was a front page store about how tax cuts aren't beneficial. in fact you get more bang for the buck with tax hikes. the whole world is upside-down but that speaks of an age where we deny economic principles and favor continuing big government. i argue whether it's republicans pushing for more defense or democrats pushing for entitlements, it's a one-way street to disaster. >> if think the american people have not awakened and have not -- when january 1st came around i spoke to a lot of business people. i'm involve with job creators alliance. and those people, small businesses, should be joining
1:46 pm
that organization. when i go around and peeking to -- speaking to small businesses, they tell me the same thing. when january 1st came around and that first wake of paychecks came in, and they got the benefit -- the disbenefit of having less money in their payroll because of the tax increase, you know who they blamed the blame the employer. nobody blamed the administration. and. >> neil: you're right. >> and so i really believe that the propaganda is working, and i think that this p.r. campaign they have in congress, they're going to convince the american people that spending is good for america, and don't worry about the debt. and i think the american people are buying it. what can i tell you? >> neil: i don't have a weight problem. on pluto i another be svelte, so let's move in. i want to switch gears.
1:47 pm
>> a company has a lot of cash and they're not spending it on stuff that will give jobs-expanding the plant. in the case of apple they're just going to hike their dividend a lot and spend 170 billion doing so, but all of these companies lately that have been doing stuff like that, and/or buying back their stock, they're not expanding, the sort of marshaling their forces to protect what they have and keep what they have. what do you make of that? >> why do you think their doing it? if i was the ceo of a large company today and i had a cash surplus, there's such uncertainty out there. number one, we have obamacare to worry about and if you think the troubles with obamacare are over, they're not. this is just going to start. 2013, 014, it's going to start to ramp up. companies are really caught in a vice, and when you think it's just big companies, you're totally mistaken because it goes right down the line. the small businesses are having the same problem.
1:48 pm
i know small business people are doing very, very well in their businesses. those who are still surviving, those who are still here, but they're not growing they've don't want to grow. they know that obamacare is a problem. they have an issue with hiring people, an issue with hiring fulltime people. many, many, many are going to parttime people, and going to parttime people, this affects everything. it affects people trying to get jobs. we have, what, 25 people -- 25 million people out of work today. 25 million. they don't want parttime jobs. they want fulltime jobs, and because of the policies of this government, they are not hiring. now, i tell you. there was a story recently -- a guy came out and said, because of obama care, he was going to have to rates the prices on his food. they went after him tooth and nail. the almost put him out of business. came close. small business people are not talking about it today.
1:49 pm
no business people are talking about it today. they hiring parttime people. they're killing the job market, and it's all because of the policies of washington. and it adds up to what you talked about, neil. they don't have a reality check, they don't have this temperature that says, you're wrong, and you're -- your temperature is too high when: when it comes o debt and spending, washington is on another level. they're in another world. nancy pelosi, reid, they -- i don't know -- >> neil: a different world. bernie -- >> another world. >> neil: thank you very much. want it to put this in a ways that maybe some of you who need physical kind of gestures to show where we're going. we are taking in this much. we are spending this much. which means with -- with we keep
1:50 pm
that going, here's what happens. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. ..
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>> the head of i.c.e. on the hot seat. >> what is a level one violator? >> a level one offender -- first, obviously, i disagree with your characterization about those -- >> that's fine. you can use your time to disagree with my characterizize. don't use mine. what is a level one violator? >> with regard to a level one offender, they are aggravated felons. >> how many were released? >> there are four presently --
1:54 pm
>> how many were released. >> eight were released. we have four presently. >> this notion you don't want to rob peter to pay paul, you could have done that and found 600 decide -- $600 to keep these level one violators from being released. >> neil: did you get the answer you needed? . >> some of them. you don't get all of them in five minutes. my concern still was the politicalization of the criminal justice system by sequester. that's all i was trying to prove. there are lots of ways to save $600 a day, which is what it costs to house the four level one offenders i.c.e. decided to release. $600 cuts the training, promotional budget. they wanted to play gapes with sequester. >> neil: that is the issue, it would have been cheaper to monitor them out in the open,
1:55 pm
they said, and that really stretches a lot of credibility here. >> well, it's about $14 a day for electronic monitoring, but the reality is they if they were released because they weren't a flight risk -- neal neil they were releague these guys bass sequestration cuts were coming so they cut these guys loose. >> the reality is they thought sequestration was going take place on january 1st. remember, the fiscal cliff moved it back march. so what plans were they making last fall to deal with these two cents on the dollar budget cuts that sequestration put into effect? i do not want law enforcement or the criminal justice system playing the same political games we always play with other agencies and institutions of government. i just would hope public safety would be immune from these kinds of political shep unanimous
1:56 pm
begans -- shenanigans but it's not. >> neil: i suspect the numbers could be greater than we're hearing. >> well, who knows what would have happened had it not -- we're releasing thousands of level one and level two, and, neil, level two, how many of your viewers consider repeat residist dui offenders to be low risk? >> neil: very good point. >> if you're hit by one of them you don't consider them to be low risk. >> neil: congressman, thank you very much. >> yes, sir. >> neil: carnival, nancy, the ship. i'm beginning to wonder whether the other is just full of it.
1:57 pm
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